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Stand Alone, Fight Alone, Suffer Alone
Give into temptation;
Fall to your knees in agony,
Let the pain fill you,
As you die a foolish death.
Have your cold red blood flow beneath you,
As your once beating heart fails.
Drift into the light,
Where you are safe,
Where you are free.
Or fight the temptation;
Stand on your own,
Survive and live through the pain.
Grow and learn from the agony,
That once tried to tear you apart.
Live a noble life,
Be honored.
Save your heart,
Save your blood,
Save yourself,
From you.
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Cats love milk :iconsmgkt:SMGKT 1 7
Black Smoke
Black Smoke
Pain and devastation is all around
The flames engulf the now bloody moon
Our dreams are scattered like the sparks
Emotions rage out of control
Hearts break at the sight,
A mountain of brilliant flames
So beautiful and bright
Yet life is taken away
By something so magnificent.
The innocent soon follow
The heroes are tired
They are in need of rest
We are weak
And in pain
But we try to be strong
For the ones’ who have nothing left
Will this cycle never stop?
Every week
Every month
Every year
More and more black smoke
Drifts to the sky
As our world falls to Chaos
Maybe one day it will end
But for now
All we can do is support those in need
And hope that one-day
We can start over
Like we are supposed too.
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You are trying to be cool,
but you are being nothing,
but a fool,
who is failing to be something.
You are killing,
and abusing,
is it really filling?
Is it soothing,
putting it to your lips?
What is it?
Taking little sips,
Is putting you into a fit.
You are making us choke,
as you smoke.   
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Marty :iconsmgkt:SMGKT 0 0

I must confess,
My meter is full,
Life is a mess,
I’m done with all this bull.
Open your eyes,
And look around,
Think of all the lies,
Because I haven’t found,
One word that is true.
So who should I trust,
To make everything not so blue,
And filled with lust?
To you it looks like I’m sighing,
But on the inside I’m crying.
:iconsmgkt:SMGKT 0 2

I Don’t Care,
Not anymore,
It only Makes My emotions Flare,
And These are shaking Me to the Core,
I used TO do It all,
Every single Thing,
But my spirit Began To fall,
So I Decided to SING…
No one came…
Since I had that stupid Grin,
But I still Sang,
Hoping someone Would save me From my SIN,
And finally someone tried to save me,
Maybe they are my Key.
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My Home
My Home

Yelling and Screaming,
Nothing New There,
Everyone Lying,
I Just Stare,
Until I Can’t Stand It,
Turning and Walking Away,
I Go To my Sanctuary and Sit,
Wondering when Everything is Going to Be Okay,
Looking down the Dark Hall,
It Seems to Go on Forever,
I know Who Is Going to Fall,
Which means I’m going to Be the Lever,
Who Is Going to be the Next to Die,
So I Sigh.
:iconsmgkt:SMGKT 1 7

Playing with lace,
Imaginary tears,
Streaming down her face,
Trying to stand Her Fears,
Which only seems to hurt more,
Thinking of the reason why,
Shakes me to the core,
But we lie,
To the girl who used to care,
But she Changes when she is with the Drink,
Which makes our emotions flare,
Sitting and Watching Her Sink,
We are Crying,
Wishing we were Flying.
:iconsmgkt:SMGKT 1 0

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